The Concierge of
Real Estate Business
in Tokyo.

JS Plus is the real estate agency well acquainted with Real estate business in Tokyo.
Providing extensive services like purchase and sale, rental, property management and any concerns about real estate. And we have built trust and expertise in supporting overseas individuals by managing their properties.
Our sincere service will definitely be a part of your assets.

Rental Housing Management services

There are several troublesome issues when you are the owner of the rental unit.

  • Arranging repairment of facilities, water leakage and other troubles unexpectedly occurred.

  • Managing rental income, pressing the tenant for payment of a debt.

  • Doing complicated works when tenants move in and leave out your units.

  • Checking the unit when the tenant moves out and calculating deposit refund.

Solution is HERE !

You will be freed from those problems bothering you !
JS Plus will provide you one-stop services of Rental Housing Management.
Prevent the loss to enhance the value of your assets.

From one unit to one whole building

  • Plan/brokerage

  • Management trust

  • Advance guarantee for default of payment

  • Sublease

Why JS Plus is selected ?

  • 1

    Secure the stability of your enterprise.

    We will be your consultant for your precious assets. We propose and support to secure stable income over a long period of time.

  • 2

    Protect you from legal risk.

    We will settle any troubles occurred with your tenant.

  • 3

    Manage your property without complicated operation.

    We will do all works of property management for you. Advertisement , contract and cancellation procedures and processing complaints and disputes.

  • 4

    Keep the value of your assets.

    We will maintain your real property in good condition on a long term basis.


Our office is close to the Meiji Shrine that is great spiritual power . When visit it , Welcome to visit our office when pass by.

ADDRESS 3F KDX Yoyogi bldg, 1-38-5,Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, Japan
BUSINESS HOURS 9:30~18:30  Closed : every Wednesday
Date Established July 1988
Capital 50million yen
License ・Real Estate License / Governor of Tokyo (8)56496
・Type Ⅱ Financial Instruments Business / Director General of Kanto Finance Bureau 2301
Business Domain ・Brokerage of real estate residential properties.
・Brokerage of real estate office properties.
・Buying and selling of Tokyo area real estate properties.
・Whole consulting about real estate planning and management.
・Buying and selling, brokerage of beneficial interests in trust investment.

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